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Compass holder in working positionOur equipment is walking around the Earth...
In December 2005 to prepare for Arctic Expeditions specialists of club "Adventure" Matvey Shparo and Boris Smolin went to Polar Ural.
One of the tasks during this hike is to test special holder for compass.
The sportsmen moved by walking and skiing. They had skis on the legs, ski poles in hands, rucksacks on shoulders and pulled the sledges with equipment and provisions. Of course, they couldn't hold compass in hands. Furthermore, ordinary map-holder is not needed for this region because map is absent - Arctic Zone!!!
Compass holder in intermediate position Sport-production group "FISHIAN" made special "Compass Holder" to give possibilities for tourists to maintain compass before their eyes.
We proposed solution which was tested and recommended for arctic expeditions. Yo-ho-ho!!!
Anatoly Shigaev (fishian@narod.ru) 15:55 21.02

Training Center for multispormenWinter season is continueing, but summer is very soon...
Dear O-sportsmen!
Dear multisporsmen!
Bike tourists!
Outdoor rest lovers!

Don't wait the start day! Please, order special equipment "Fishian" in a good time. 2-3 days are enough to prepare your order. To make 10 holders or more we need 1 week.
Anatoly Shigaev (fishian@narod.ru) 14:52 19.02

VeloFun: 4 Б 1 New bike map-holder "VeloFun".
His main advantage is that it's fixed not on handle bar of bike, but on bar holder. Next - the kit "4 in 1". In according to your requirements you can use this map-holder in 4 pikings. All neccessary parts included in kit. This type of map-holder is especially suitable for multisportsmen.
At first, it can be fixed to bike during few seconds (registered record in Guinness Book - 3 seconds! - make it faster!0).
On other hand, in formed position this bike map-holder is the thinnest one.
Be in a step ahead your rival! In a step ahead!
Anatoly Shigaev (fishian@narod.ru) 23:59 31.12


Started in adventure race "Forced march 2005" near Priozersk. Beautiful weather! Beautiful race! Good course setting! What a beautiful sun-rise on Ladoga beach before the start of second stage! Mikhail Deev with Alexander Vompe won a Silver in Class "MM" (Team "╧10"); I was the fourth in Class "M-solo" (Team "╧10+"). I think, good results.

Long running! Long drinking! (Isostar) Alexander Vompe Mikhail Deev is as before start!


Started in the race "Three-O-Thlon 2005" near Saint-Petersburg. It was very beautiful race, which has been organized on high level! My thanks and respect to my friend, companion and team member Mikhail Deev for the cooperation during dificult hours of competitions.

Just after finish Anatoly Mikhail

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